July, 2013
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We hope you had a fun 4th of July and are still soaking up that summer sunshine! As you enjoy water activities to stay cool in the heat, let that be a reminder to clean your house with a little pressurized H2O.

On top of the regular summer remodel projects we normally do around this time of year, a popular task we perform is power-washing. Many of your home's exterior surfaces such as roofs, siding, decks and driveways are pummeled by the elements and have most likely developed some stains and moss growth. Aside from giving your home a fresh look, power (or pressure) washing is a needed step to properly clean some surfaces before treatment or sealing them.

Our local climate creates a perfect recipe for algae, lichens and moss to grow outdoors. Therefore, it's necessary to keep your routine maintenance up to date. However, maintaining a healthy roof can be one of the most difficult things for a homeowner to do. Aside from the inherent dangers or working at heights, properly cleaning and treating your roof requires some knowledge and expertise. Simple mistakes can easily lead to costly damages.

Let us give you a hand! If you have a power-washing project you'd like to talk to us about, please contact us.

Meet the Team
A stellar paint job is key to a exceptional remodel. That's why we are so pleased to have one of the finest painters around working at RHC.

Viktor Khodavsky
Master Painter

Viktor specializes in a variety of painting applications, mediums and techniques. He also has a keen eye for color matching.

On his spare time, Viktor enjoys troubleshooting and tinkering with electronics as wells as expanding a culinary palette in his love for cooking.

Thanks for all the hard work, Viktor. We're proud to have you on the team!

Ask the Builders
QUESTION: We have 3 small children on a mission to get our walls dirty. I can't seem to successfully them clean without having to repaint the whole wall in the end. Is there a specific product for this type of cleaning?

ANSWER: Although there are several different techniques to cleaning walls, none are perfect. The general rule is that higher sheen surfaces are less susceptible to staining and are easier to clean. However, since most homeowners prefer a lower sheen throughout the home, that poses a little dilemma. What you're most likely experiencing after an attempt to clean a stain was that it still left discoloration and/or a change in sheen to the paint. I know what you're thinking--"oh great, I need to repaint all my walls in a high gloss finish!". Well, not exactly. Recently, a new wave of lifetime-warranty washable paints have hit the market. Some of which even offer satin and matte finishes. If it's time for an interior repaint, we'd recommend not having to compromise on your desired sheen and go with a more permanent solution: washable paint.

If you have a repaint you'd like to talk to us about or other questions you'd like to ask, contact us!

All the best,
Red Hills Construction Team