July, 2012
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We hope you and your loved ones had a happy and safe 4th of July! For us, like with many folks, summer is about vacationing and spending time with the family--but as we all know, it doesn't last long around here.

However, people vacationing are one reason why we stay so busy in the summer months. Sometimes renovations, such as refinishing wood floors, require homeowners to leave the house for a bit. What could be better than returning to a freshly renovated home after vacation?

Fun Fact
What prodcut in your home could have been made from recycled soda bottles?

Here's a hint...you've probably walked on it. That's right, carpet! Over 25% of the plastic bottles we reycle are made into polyester carpet fibers. Even the bottle caps are recycled and made into tubes which the carpet is rolled onto at the mill.

PET Polyester carpet is more affordable than most traditional carpets (like nylon) and offers exceptional stain resistance because the plastic bottles it's made from were engineered to contain and repel liquids.

Featured Product
This month we'd like to spotlight a very unique product we offer: ArcusStone. This product is a limestone coating that provides the look and durability of quarried stone--without the inherent weight and expense. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and comes in an array of colors and textures to match your home.

We can craft just some of the following features for you:
  • Fireplace mantels & columns
  • Flooring & Stairs
  • Range hoods & Backsplashes


The possibilities with ArcusStone are endless. If you have an idea for a project or question about this product, please give us a call.
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Ask the Builders
QUESTION: I'd like to replace my carpet with something that's easier to clean. I prefer hardwood over tile but I'd like a floor that's a little more unique and easier to maintain than wood. Any options out there?

ANSWER: Have you considered cork floors? Believe it or not, but cork was actually a popular flooring option over 100 years ago! Cork is a renewable resource material and is made from the bark of cork trees. It has great resiliency qualities like carpet and is easy to clean like tile & wood. Cork is also skid & mold resistant and a good thermal & sound insulator. If you're worried about options--don't be. Cork floors come in many different colors, grains and textures.
If you have a flooring question, we're here to help. Also, if you have other questions you'd like to ask, contact us!

All the best,
Red Hills Construction Team

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Referral Program
Like many professionals, we strive to provide you with the finest home building and remodeling experience possible. As a result, our clients often refer us to many of their family, friends and neighbors. Building trust with our clients has proved to be the life blood of our business for many years and we rely on our customer satisfaction for the future.

If you might know someone that would benefit from our services, please contact us for more info.

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